Deborah Bix

Deborah Bix Painting
Matte giclee print on canvas
(original sold)
Pen & ink on acrylic
24″ x 24″, $400

Pen & ink on acrylic
12″ x 24″, $600

Pen & ink on acrylic
Three 4″x6″ canvas panels, $500

Deborah Bix

Abstract Meditative Painting

14 Highland St
Millers Falls, MA 01349

413 687-8888

Artist and illustrator Deborah Bix explores both interior and exterior realms through a variety of mediums, primarily acrylic and pen and ink.

Social commentary, personal anxieties, and the sublime world of childhood reverie all find their way into her work, as do surprising flourishes that echo the manga vernacular of her Japanese heritage. The result is a decidedly singular vision.

She produces both commissioned works and her own abstract musings. Giclee Prints are available by order.

Deborah is based in Western Massachusetts. Self-taught, she was an educator for many years but recently left the field to pursue her art full time.

Paradise City Northampton, October, 2018 Booth: 308

See the work in these galleries:
Somerville Local Arts Mall • Somerville, MA
Rodney Madison Gallery • Millers Falls, MA
Northampton Jewelers • Northampton, MA

• Custom orders / Commissions Accepted
• Credit Cards Accepted
• Giclee Prints are available by order.