Lauren Blais Jewelry
“Cabinet of Curiosity” Bracelet
Hollow fabricated with etched and oxidized
sterling silver and copper outside etched in
woodgrain, inside “cabinets” are etched in a
victorian wallpaper pattern Inside are teeth, feathers, hair, bugs, minerals and text
4″ x 7″ x 2″ closed.

Sapphire and Bronze Scarab Earrings
Natural cast scarab beetle in bronze,
sapphires bezel set in fine silver

Victorian Outline Ring
Sterling silver ring, negative space
designed pierced out

Lauren Blais

Modern Victorian Jewelry

Lauren Blais Jewelry
Boston, MA 02130-3912

401 225-8960

Lauren Blais is a young artist inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry, creating dark, deft and delicate constructions that are both wearable art and a conversation piece. Sterling silver is often etched with antique wallpaper patterns and accented with gemstones, raw minerals, fur, exotic leathers, old photographs and 24K gold vermeil. Throughout her life, she has collected obscure objects that hold sentimental value and find their way into her jewelry.

Blais received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and incorporates both traditional skills and innovative techniques into her necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She states, “The objects that I make are inspired by my past and historical references. I am drawn to ornate embellishments as well as to the social acceptance of death, mourning, sentiment and nostalgia of the Victorian Era.”

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Fire Opal • Jamaica Plain, MA
Muses Window • Concord, MA
Gallery of Jewels • San Francisco, CA
Aurora • Chappaqua, NY
North Bay Gallery • Yountville, CA

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