Janet Blake Jewelry
Naia Ring with Topa

Ripley Earrings with Prasiolite

Valda Ring

Janet T Blake

Silver, Gold and Gemstone Jewelry

Quiet Rebel Design
West Springfield, MA 01089

413 530-2683
email: janet@quietrebeldesign.com

“You choose your own path. Not with fanfare but with conviction. You do not make apologies but celebrate your individuality. You remain true to yourself while quietly breaking the rules.”

From classical cellist to graphic artist to metalsmith and jewelry designer, it has always been about making with my hands. I handcraft each piece in my Western Massachusetts studio, finding inspiration in the naturally imperfect world. I embrace the organic process of letting a piece take its shape as it is being made and try to find a balance between thoughtful and spontaneous design.

The viewer is drawn in by deceptively simple lines, geometric forms and a vibrant color palette, only to discover the wonderfully seductive textural idiosyncrasies found in each individual piece of jewelry.

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