Lisa Evans Ceramics
Ocean Vase
Highly textured porcelain vases that evoke turbulent ocean depths with wild iron inclusions. Cobalt brings creates a beautiful array of rich blues to mossy greens among the waves of porcelain.
4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 7″, $85

Golden Bauble Bowls
Delicate bowls porcelain bowls that radiate a brilliant golden light from the 24ct gold leaf lining. A perfect gift that will brighten anyones day. Even more special for holding a special piece of jewelry. No two are alike.
Approx size: 4″ x 4″ x 2″, $55

Running Vase
Porcelain with wild iron inclusions and running cobalt slip. A statement piece that can hold its own in any setting or large enough for an oversized floral arrangement. Lined with a light green celadon glaze.
7″ x 7″ x 8″, $215

Lisa B. Evans

Fine Porcelain From The Coast of Maine

Lisa B. Evans
PO Box 10179
Portland, ME 04104

207 409-6293

When I sit down at my potters wheel I try to abandon any notions of the
perfect pot. I instead pursue an exploration in which the only guiding
principle is what if? The dynamic becomes a call and response
conversation between the clay and me; an exploration of balance and
structural integrity. By pushing the clay to the edge of collapse, in and
out of its center, a relationship develops as both sides seek equilibrium.

The inclusion of wild found elements and reactive surface treatments
accompanied by higher firing temperatures and deeper reductions is yet another call and response. A deeper layer of cohesion is explored in the kiln in which a natural beauty emerges that only fire can elicit.

How far can I go in my search for centeredness? The quest for stabilityand sincerity is a repetitive theme, responding to love, loss, changes in family structure, careers, culture and climate. Its a process of choosing what to accept and what to fight for.

Many of my pieces dont survive this process but those that do exhibit an ephemeral beauty that are hopefully reflected in my own existence.

Paradise City Marlborough, March, 2020

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