Thea Fine

Thea Fine Jewelry
“Black-eyed Susan”
Lariat neckpiece
24″, $600

“Nudibranch Bracelet”
7.5″, $300

“The Big Blue Wave” Necklace
20″, $475

Thea Fine

Fine Beaded Jewelry

Thea Fine Beading Design
2776 Westminster Rd
Ellicott City, MD 21043-3595

410 461-5258

Thea Fine’s wearable bead art jewelry revives a skill first learned as a child from her maternal grandmother who kept little hands busy with needle, thread and tiny beads. The muse she awakened those many years ago, continues to fuel her bead weaving today.

Each piece is sewn with a needle and thread, one bead at a time, using one or more specific stitches, many with roots in ancient times. Each piece’s ‘vision’ is achieved not only by color choices, but also by the selections of bead shape, finish and size. The inclusion of pearls, crystals and and cabochons also helps govern the final appearance and appeal. Thea says, “At its root, my jewelry is about threading a needle and connecting an ancient craft with a contemporary art form we now call bead weaving. And it’s also a connection of heart across generations.”

See the work in these galleries:
Museum of Arts and Design • New York City
Shaw Gallery • North East Harbor, ME

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