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Crow Feet”

“Five Owls”

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CJ Hockett

Wildlife Photography

CJ Hockett Wildlife Photography
191 South Cove Rd
Burlington, VT 05401

360 672-2593
email: cj.hockett@gmail.com

The focus of my photography is to create iconic images of wildlife that stimulate ones imagination. I utilize my skills as a visual artist, photographer, and print maker to achieve a degree of abstract realism by reducing nature to its most basic forms.

I specialize in wild bird prints on metal. The photograph of each creature is transferred to paper coated with special inks which are infused by gas transfer into the surface of an aluminum sheet under pressure at 400 degrees F. The depth of the image coating yields increased vibrance much like an old masters painting done in layers. The metal prints are scratch resistant, waterproof and light fast. These prints hang one half inch off the wall and yield a contemporary sculptured effect. Because they do not require fine art framing they are more affordable and can be hung in the kitchen, bathroom or outside. Print size ranges from 8″ x10″ up to 60″ on a side. The 8″ x10″ print makes an ideal gift and is easy to mail or travel with.

See the work in these galleries:
Edgewater Gallery • Middlebury, VT
Frog Hollow Gallery • Burlington, VT
The Artisan’s Hand Gallery • Montpelier, VT
Stowe Craft and Design • Stowe, VT
Artisan’s Gallery • Waitsfield, VT

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