Joel Hokkanen Wood
4 Support Table Lamp
Maple and Cherry,
Green Ripple Glass
Made to order.

Floor Lamp
Maple, Cherry, Walnut
with Caramel Ripple Glass
Made to order.

Ceiling Lamp
Cherry with Blue Earth Glass
Made to order.

Joel Hokkanen


J.A. Hokkanen
163 Union Street
Rockport, ME 04856

207 441-1124

Natural spaces here in Maine are filled with beautiful organic shapes that inspire my designs. When really looking closely at natural forms like the curves and tapers of tree trunks and the branching of foliage, you can often find a remarkable adherence to underlying mathematical principles, such as parabolic curves and Fibonacci sequences. It is here that I see a beautiful balance between the free-form natural world and our modern-human world of planning and calculation. I often use these mathematical relationships in my designs as I try to blend these two worlds together.

We build lamps to last. The wood and glass structures are surprisingly strong and are designed so that cords, sockets and switches can be replaced, should your grandchildren decide to convert their heirloom to the latest technology. The lamps are assembled with a mix of traditional and innovative joinery techniques, including many methods developed specifically for the unique challenges of combining wood and glass. Shades are removable from the bases, held either by pegs, wood clasps or wrought copper supports. Don’t be afraid to pick a lamp up and examine – it’s not as fragile as it might look!

Paradise City Northampton, October, 2018 Booth: 220
Paradise City Marlborough, November, 2018 Booth: 218

See the work in these galleries:
Ironbound Gallery • Camden, ME (May – December)
Gautschi Center Gallery • Rockland, ME

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