Joerg Meissner Photography
“Morning Fog”

“Wood Map”


Joerg Meissner

Fine Art Photography of Natural Designs

Shirley, MA 01464

781 956-8668

Ever since my parents gave me my first camera at age 6, I have enjoyed capturing the world around me. Growing up in a family dominated by engineers in East Germany, taking and printing photographs was science, not art.

What fascinated me in the early years was that photography was the only way to express what I saw. I have a voice you can hear and a touch you can feel, but I cannot output images. To me, photography fills that void.

When digital technologies revolutionized photography, LightRoom became my new darkroom. It was an invitation to experiment I could not resist. My passion for photography was re-ignited. The technical and creative aspects of the medium finally started coming together for me.

Today, my camera helps me go through life with my eyes wide open. Behind the viewfinder, I’m in the present, I see more deliberately, experience more intensely, and find beauty in the world around me. I’m drawn to the outdoors, to landscapes, seascapes, textures, patterns, and abstracts.

If my photos evoke an emotion, trigger a memory, or help you see differently, then I have reached my goal

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