Cheryl Louise Olney Sculpture
“Let’s Hear It”
Polychrome bas-relief sculpture
20″ x 24″ x 2″

Wooden Dancers
Individual figures for wall
or free-standing
15″ x 14″ x .25″, $70 each

Hanukah Girls
Wooden wall piece or individual figures
30″ x 24″ x 2″, $450

Cheryl Louise Olney
Don Olney

3-D Art Figurative Wood

Louise’s Daughter
1237 E Main St
Rochester, NY 14609-6941

585 734-0652

Cheryl Louise Olney and her husband Don live and work in Rochester, NY. Their studio is called Louise’s Daughter; named for Cheryl’s mom-Louise, who would be very pleased! The ex-social worker and the ex-toymaker, both self taught artists and married for over 20 years, combine their histories and observations as they create their warm, wonderful, spirited work.

They find inspiration in family and friends, as well as their gratitude for each day. Their figurative work is respectful and sensitive. It touches the heart and soul, and is full of people that ‘we all know’. Their whimsical ‘other stuff’, including boxes, earring holders, vases, paintings, hearts, flowers, pins – ad infinitum – also takes on the same energetic personalities.

The Olneys regard their relationship and their work as serendipitous, and proof that there is still good karma out there. The key is to recognize, accept, rejoice in, and contribute to that positive force. We work to make art, peace, joy, amends, and to live like we mean it.

See the work in these galleries:
Detroit Institute of Arts
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Naples (FL) Museum of Art
Artisan Gallery • Northampton, MA
Shapiro’s Gallery • St. Petersburg, FL

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