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Eric Pelka

Painting & Objects D’Art

14 Ingell Road
Chester, MA 01011

645 625-9350

Eric Pelka is a mixed-media painter who explores the integration of nature with urban life and the discord and harmony that this engenders. His work contemplates how we adapt and adjust, evoking empathy for the human condition.

Eric’s artwork often reflects his direct environment and experience and serve as tangible vignettes of dream sequences. Influenced by unexpected feelings of both the conscious and subconscious mind, his artistic process involves layering diverse materials – including acrylic and oil paints, ink, pastel marker, and pencil – onto canvas, paper, wood, and glass.

Eric also views his artwork as a vehicle to express the intagible aspects of emotion. Art is a visceral expression that has the power to heal, and through it, he has been able to heal himself. Moved by the mission of Fresh A.I.R. Gallery and Southeast Healthcare Services, Eric has been dontaing paintings to the gallery’s annual Art of Recovery fundraiser since 2014.

Eric’s paintings have been exhibited in Italy, Japan, and across the United States, and are featured in private collections around the globe.