David Poppie 2-D Mixed Media




David Poppie

Mixed Media Collage

Oxbow Art and Design
91 North Road
Westhampton, MA 01027

413 210-4241
email: david@davidpoppie.com

David Poppie’s recent work involves the reclaiming of disposable objects in mass to create two and three dimensional works. Pieces can involve pencils, tea bags, matchbook strikes, plastic cutlery, etc. These items are generally disregarded and ignored by the everyday person.

He states, “Through the gathering of the discards of contemporary culture, I ask the viewer to reconsider the function and value of these objects. I also reassign their value by re-contextualizing them by creating a piece of art from them. Besides utilizing the formal issues that interest me, based in the Minimalist school, I also am making a commentary on the disposable nature of contemporary culture.”

Paradise City Marlborough, November, 2018 Booth: 325