Hannah Regier Wearable Fiber
Hand dyed watchcap of foraged natural dyes & local wool/alpaca fiber $265

Studio-grown Japanese indigo dyed watchcap of natural grey toned local wool/alpaca fiber

Oversized bandana shaped scarf of silk and alpaca fiber. Naturally dyed with studio-grown Japanese indigo $345

Hannah Regier

Natural Dyed Knits
Natural Dyed Knits

Sky Like Snow
284 Brookline Rd
Athens, VT 05143

650 892-2174
email: skylikesnow@gmail.com

Sky Like Snow knits infuse the spirit of Vermont’s fields and forests into soft gems that warm both the head and heart.

The process begins along several tracks: inspiration from rambles through the surrounding landscapes; individual fleeces purchased from local farms; crops of dye plants grown from seed; and ethically foraged wild plants, lichen and mushrooms that are extracted into an earthy palette of natural dyes.

The organic, flowing surface patterning is achieved by hand-dyeing carefully measured skeins of yarn before knitting. Each piece is knit individually on a non-electric vintage knitting machine, where the earthy colors rejoin and emerge as a fluid design, influenced by the changing tensions inherent to the process. In this way the fiber and dye elements interact to express new landscapes and stories.

These accessories are soft and warm, natural and sustainable, durable and colorfast. The stretchy knits and different styles grace bodies of diverse shapes and sizes.

Paradise City Northampton, October, 2020
Paradise City Marlborough, November, 2020

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