Dean Robinson Furniture
Coffee Table
Natural with checkerboard inlay

Low and Coffee Tables
Dyed colors

Coffee Table
Vertical Strand Caramelized Bamboo crossply, clear water-based finish

Dean Robinson

Wall-stowing Folding Tables

6 Pawtucket Ave
Bristol, RI 02809

401 489-4157

Snappytables was developed by Dean Robinson with an eye on Ready to Assemble Furniture. Utilizing wall space as did the Shakers to store furniture when not in use, a snappytable is designed to have an aesthetic appeal when dormant and hung on a wall.

Snappytables are versatile furniture pieces for entertainment and personal leisure. Because they fold so flat, they are great portable tables too. They are ideal Tiny House furniture, apartment furniture, dorm furniture, and the plastic versions are really handy as patio tables, boat tables, beach tables, camp tables, and great for tailgating parties!

Indoor tables are made of extremely dense cross-ply bamboo panels that are beautifully finished with water-based materials. Bamboo panels come natural, caramelized, and can also be dyed bright colors. Patented connection parts are made of Delrin.

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