Tim Scull Ceramics
Wheel thrown vessels, polished Terra Sigillata, saggar fired in reduction with cobalt and Iron sulfates. Sizes and prices will vary.

Sawdust fired white stoneware with botanicals. Sizes and prices will vary.

Wheel thrown vessel, Raku fired white textured stoneware. Sizes and prices will vary.

Tim Scull

Wood and Primitively-Fired Ceramic Vessels

Canton Clay Works
150 Cherry Brook Rd
Canton, CT 06019

860 693-1000
email: cantonclayworks@yahoo.com

Raku, saggar and sawdust fired thrown white stoneware using alternative materials/techniques to create unique surfaces. Also wood/soda fired in CCW Naborigama hand built brown stoneware decorated with flashing slips and shinos.

Online gallery open 24/7 @ www.cantonclayworks.com

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