Carmine Angeloni Photography
Birch along Jesup Path
Mt. Desert Island, Maine
12″x18″ image size – $350

Otter Cliff at dawn, Maine
10″x14″ image size – $250

Sunset, Schoodic Peninsula
12″x18″ – $350

Carmine Angeloni

Landscape Photography

C. L. Angeloni Photography
7 Shaw St
Belchertown, MA 01007

413 687-3640

Ever since his dad invited his eleven year-old self a look through the camera’s viewfinder, Carmine Angeloni developed a love for photographic images.

He explains, “Initially, this was a black and white world of lines and shapes and shades of light; silver compounds and chemical solutions to release them. Now, for me, photography has become a vast catalogue of both color and monochrome digital images and software capable of allowing me to better present these images as I ‘see’ them.

“My hope is to share the power and mood of each scene, and express to you my own excitement for rising early to meet the sun at the horizon, and upon chasing it back at the end of the day, to record as many changes in light as possible, with camera and lens.”

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