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The Fine Arts Center has been advertising in the Paradise City Guide for over ten years now. The FAC hosts performances, as well as two galleries and a museum so this is the ideal vehicle to reach like audiences. Plus we love the way our display ads mesh perfectly with the creative design of the magazine itself. No matter what size ad we place, we know our message will be highly visible to tens of thousands of people interested in the visual and performing arts

– Shawn Farley, Director of Marketing, UMass Fine Arts Center

Our display ads in the Paradise City Guide are always very effective for us. As the designer for Table & Vine’s ads, I am always challenged to create something new and unique to match the high quality of display ads in the guide. They look great every time because they are placed in such a beautiful, well thought out magazine. The subscribers and clientele are a perfect demographic for Table & Vine and we look forward to the Festival coming to town.

– Steven T. Smith, Marketing and Media Relations Specialist, Table & Vine

We are already experiencing a great response to our fall 2021 season, as we return to holding in-person shows for the first time in almost two years. There is so much good will from our patrons, subscribers and artists, and we have done everything in our power to keep those  connections strong.

We all have a choice in life. It’s not just about the acquisition of goods and possessions. It’s about experiencing a richness of life full of the spirit and stories that bind us as human beings. It’s what makes individuals into a community. It’s the story we tell both at the Paradise City Arts Festivals and in the biannual Paradise City Guide. It is why our customer base is constantly refreshed, attracting new patrons all the time. Paradise City has become one of the most recognizable cultural brands in New England. 

How do we stay connected? Online and through social media, of course. But there is nothing more effective than this targeted niche publication that people welcome directly into their homes.

Your display ad in the next issue of the Paradise City Guide is your chance to  connect with this discerning audience yourself. A full color 1/4 page ad is just $495.

Who are our readers? The Guide is direct-mailed to nearly 60,000 subscriber households twice a year, with thousands more distributed at the events. Most reside in the core markets of New England. They look forward to reading the Paradise City Guide cover to cover, enjoying its vibrant color, photography, stories and even your beautiful ads! 

The Paradise City Guide appeals to a desirable demographic with an appreciation for the visual and performing arts, fine dining, travel, financial and retirement planning, continuing education, home  decorating, upscale shopping and experiences that transcend the ordinary. They’re interested in you!

The Paradise City Guide also lives on as an interactive page-turner. When visitors to our website flip through the online Paradise City Guide, they will be able to click on your ad, and be instantly whisked to your own website to find out more about you.

The online version of the Guide is promoted through Paradise City’s very extensive social media marketing and email newsletters, further deepening your association with our brand and our patrons.

Learn more about how participation in the Paradise City Guide can work for you. Please complete all starred fields in the form below. You will receive a confirmation email and a sponsorship packet will be mailed to you in the appropriate time-frame. For Fall 2021, reserve space by July 29, 2021. Submit display ads by August 5.

We are happy to answer any questions. Call us at 800-511-9725 x102.

PLEASE NOTE: Paradise City does not accept advertising for other art or craft shows. Advertising is accepted on a space-available basis.

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