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What’s Cooking? New Faces in the Marketplace!

What's Cooking? New Faces in the Marketplace!

This week’s collection, “New Faces”, introduces a marvelous group of artists who have joined us in just the last month. Take a look – some you may recognize, and others are brand new to Paradise City. You’ll discover amazing work by jewelers, fiber artists, metalsmiths and more!

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What’s Cooking? Hold Everything!

What's Cooking? Hold Everything!

When it comes from the hands of an artist, a simple container can surprise you. In the special collection Hold Everything! you’re sure to find creative solutions to the age-old issue of keeping and storing precious possessions and everyday items. There is a special sense of mystery in objects with lids or furniture with hidden compartments.

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What’s Cooking? Animal Dreams!

What's Cooking? Animal Dreams!

Paradise City’s artists bring their animal dreams into 21st Century art and design. Using the materials at their fingertips – clay, glass, wood, metal, oil paints, cameras, printing presses, fiber, gemstones, found objects and more – they delight us with their interpretations of wild and domesticated creatures, birds, insects, fish and reptiles.

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What’s Cooking? Trash Talk!

What's Cooking? Trash Talk!

Artists have always seen lots of creative possibilities in found objects and recycled materials. Using items as diverse as plastic or glass containers, discarded metal, reclaimed wood, used paper products, cast-off fabrics, bottle caps, tag sale jewelry and cracked pottery, a marvelous alchemy can be achieved as familiar substances transform into something unexpected.

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What’s Cooking? A Stitch in Time!

What's Cooking? A Stitch in Time!

In this Marketplace collection, we’ll take a look at the myriad ways that Paradise City’s artists stitch their way into your heart. Fashion is the most obvious, and surprisingly easy to order online. But if we delve beneath the surface, we see an undiscovered world of stitchery.

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