Valerie Gilman Sculpture
“The Web”
Porcelain Paper Clay
19 x 22 x 6″
“Sweet Spot”
Sagar fired ceramic
28 x 8 x 4″
“Portrait of Untold Stories”
One-of-a-kind cast bronze
12 x 6 x 8″

Valerie Gilman

Abstract and Figurative Sculpture

Taproot Arts & Insight
85 Baker Rd
Shutesbury, MA 01072-9703

413 253-0171

A Moment to Be

What are all those cups about? There are tiny cups in or on so many of my abstract sculptures. They are a resting place, a place to breath, a cup of tea, the Buddhist beggar’s bowl – open and grateful to that which comes. They are a symbol of the Self in the context of the landscape of life with all of its challenges and changes.

There are tender places hidden in the recesses of our psyches that long to be seen. I am compelled to go there. I have found that by cherishing and nourishing those bits, by falling in love with the forms that emerge from those places through my hands in clay, everything in life works more smoothly. The friction recedes and the internal voices stop battling with each other. The cup is there as a reminder that we can be calm, open, compassionate and loving as witnesses to ourselves.

My hope and desire is that these things I love give voice to that which is calling for attention in others, and will make their lives flow more smoothly too.

After years of being an academic, earning my MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and teaching art at small liberal arts colleges, I found myself wanting to go deeper.

Now I split my time between being a professional artist, showing both in galleries and in craft shows as well as creating temporary site specific figurative pieces, and commissioned portraits, and being a transformational life coach. They weave together beautifully.

I help people find ease and flow in getting where they want to go by releasing the friction those tender bits cause when they cannot find voice.

Paradise City Northampton, May, 2019 Booth: 327

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