Valerie Gilman Sculpture
“Persephone’s Dream:
A Prayer for Peace”
available in bronze, 36 x 41 x 18″

“Sweet Spot”
Sagar fired ceramic
28 x 8 x 4″

“Salimc Curl”
Saggar fired clay on steel
16 x 16 x 4″

Valerie Gilman

Abstract and Figurative Sculpture

Taproot Arts & Insight
85 Baker Rd
Shutesbury, MA 01072-9703

413 253-0171

There are tender places hidden in the recesses of our psyches that long to be seen. My sculptures, both figurative and abstract, give voice to those places and provide a way to sit in awareness and compassion. In this way they are deeply healing and uplifting.

Many of my abstract sculptures have tiny cups. These are a resting place, a place to breath, a cup of tea, the Buddhist beggars bowl open and grateful to that which comes. They are a symbol of the Self in the context of the landscape of life with all of its challenges and changes.

The cup is there as a reminder to be compassionate witnesses to ourselves and each other.

My professional life is a balance of being an artist and supporting other artists and creatives who make work that matters.

I am passionate about creative work that is healing to individuals, our culture and our environment. Through Taproot Arts and Insight I coach artists and creatives, provide on-line content, run classes and workshops and give talks.

I help people find ease and flow by releasing the friction those tender bits cause when they cannot find voice.

See the work in these galleries:
Gallery A3 • Amherst, MA
Salmon Falls Gallery • Shelburne Falls, MA

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