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Special Feature

            Rhythm and Decoration

            in Art and Design
                                                                                                              Levy & Deveer
                                                                                                            Backgammon Set
                                                                                                            Inlaid hardwoods
                     Playful, mesmerizing, seductive, even startling —
                     patterns captivate us with their clever, intricate rhythms.

                     Patterns are all around us, playing an important role in our ability to navigate through life. Some
                      scientific studies suggest seeing patterns will even make you smarter! And what a pleasure it is to
                        be mesmerized by the pattern found in a snowflake’s design, a tiger’s symmetrical stripes, or the
                         never-ending spiral of a shell.

                           Following in nature’s footsteps, artists use patterns to repeat or echo important ideas in their
                             work, letting a pattern communicate a sense of balance, harmony, contrast, or movement.
                              Drawing patterns is one of the oldest art forms. Think of the repeating patterns of lotus
                                leaves carved into the great tombs and monuments of the Egyptian pharaohs. From the 7th
                                 century on, the ultimate pattern masters had to be the Islamic artists whose geometric
                                  patterns still inspire our awe in magnificent buildings like the Alhambra in Spain or
                                    the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. In the 20th century, MC Escher took patterns
                                     to dizzying artistic heights with his “tessellations” which created mind-boggling
                                      symmetrical patterns out of fish and frogs and flying birds.

                                                                                        Jonathan White · Ironclad · Earthenware clay.
                                       Patricia Palson · Paisley Stripe · Handwoven jacket
                                       Ted Tatarzyn · Zebra Line Drinking · Photograph

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