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Woody Blackwell · Sunfish
                                                                                                           Scale pattern made from
       “ What underlies great science is what                                                              seven types of bottle caps
        underlies great art, whether it is visual

        or written, and that is the ability to
        distinguish patterns out of chaos.”

                    – Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander

        At Paradise City, artists and makers of all stripes continue to enchant                                  Linda Jacque
                                                                                                                Jazz Lazy Susan
        us with their pattern play. Handmade textile and clothing designers turn                                 Painted wood
        useful coats and scarves into fashion extravaganzas with the clever use
        of repeating designs. Jewelers transfix us with gold, silver, and precious
        stones placed in delicate, rhythmic arrangements. Painters, photographers,
        ceramicists, woodworkers, glass blowers, and all manner of metalsmiths use
        patterns to create works of art that let us lose ourselves in their intricacy.

                             If you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting lost in
                                the maze of a pattern, Paradise City’s themed
                                  “Pattern Play!” exhibit at our fall shows is a
                                    must see. Discover the mysterious power of
                                     patterns to communicate ideas, create new
                                      connections, and spin a web that draws
                                       you deep into the artist’s imagination.

                                         Victoria Varga ·  Dot earrings
                                         Juma, beads, silver

                   Mark Del Guidice · Hallenza · Hardwood credenza, carved markings  Philip Roberts · Octave · Laser cut wood

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