It’s the little things.

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

— Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It doesn’t take something really big to make your day. Sometimes it’s a small gesture, like a smile at just the right moment, or a mystery gift left on your doorstep. Small things take up little space but can have an outsized impact on your world — because when you least expect it, they have the power to make you smile. The Paradise City Marketplace is a treasure-trove of just such little things. Tap into the creative energy of our artists and treat yourself to that one special thing that just makes you feel good.

Clockwise: Christine MacKellar, Warren Vienneau, Tracy Levesque, Francis St. Germain, Ed Branson, James Guggina, Keith Lewis, Philip Roberts, Kathleen Buchanan.

Make your ears happy! Keith Lewis dangly, colorful, affordable earrings are something you’ll want to wear every day, even if you have no place to go. Admire how Christine MacKellar forms exuberant blossoms from silver and gold into what she calls “urban organic” jewelry. 

Got real blossoms? Warren Vienneau turns rich hardwoods into sweet ikebana vases, while Ed Branson blows hot glass in his studio to create a veritable rainbow of bud vases, one for each room. For art that fits in the tiniest places, Tracy Levesque makes vibrant miniature paintings of landscapes, flowers, and animals from 4” to 10”. Philip Roberts, known for his large wooden wall sculptures, also offers work that sits on a shelf, a tabletop, or in the palm of your hand. Rest your eyes on a petite, pastoral Kathleen Buchanan collagraph print and be transported to the Maine coast and countryside. 

Artful, small, everyday objects make our daily rituals more pleasurable. Morning coffee sipped from your favorite mug by James Guggina is a lovely way to start the day. And while you’re having your coffee, use a handmade pen by Francis St. Germain to doodle or jot down a shopping list.

There are thousands of little things for you to discover. For one of our artists, that little thing could be an unexpected order winging its way to them through the Paradise City Marketplace. 

See what treasures you can find. Let’s go!