Scott Matyjaszek 2-D Mixed Media
“Sound Refraction #1”
Mathematical “Digital Landscapes”; geometric skeletons are pushed, pulled, altered, layered and collaged; image is then rendered to dye-infused aluminum sheets.
20″ x 30″

Montreal Staircase
3-D Photo-Sculpture
Available in various sizes

Paris Cathedral
3-D Photo-Sculpture
Available in various sizes

Scott Matyjaszek

Digital Works on Aluminum & 3-D Photos-Sculptures

Artephax Photographic
2850 Ridgeway Ave
Rochester, NY 14626-4213

585 254-1380

Scott Matyjaszek’s photographs consist of “naturally found” subject matter. In general, there are no tricks, filters, or special lighting techniques, as natural available light sources are used for nearly all the images. His photographs have been called ‘painterly’ in that they transcend the limitations of regular photography, especially his layered 3D ‘reliefs’, through the composition of colors, textures, shapes, and designs of objects in their found state.

“My images try to capture those indivisible instances connecting the past and future… illuminating moments that puncture into the fabric of time. I’m thankful for these experiences and the opportunity to render their ageless messages.”

Paradise City Northampton, May, 2020
Paradise City Marlborough, November, 2020

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