Deb Ondo Painting

Birch People


Deb Ondo

Abstract & Expressionist Oil Paintings

Florence, MA 0

(845) 702-5731

I am drawn to our mutualism with the natural world. Through colors and lines, visions and wonder, I hope to reveal the sacred alchemy of our embodied connection.

The universal wild stirs an intimate wild within. We are nourished by towering pines, cascading leaves, a vulture in the thermals, an expansive yellow sky, a cold December moon. In those moments, we become rooted in something larger than ourselves.

That is why I paint to capture the liminal, the numinous, the eternal. I am continually working on going beyond the observable to express an emergent consciousness of desire, wonder, and deep curiosity.

Paradise City Northampton, October, 2021 Booth: 720

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