Stephen Procter Sculpture
Acorn Jar
39″ high

Classic Vase Form
22″ x 42″

Fetility Vessel
26″ x 44″

Stephen Procter

Monumental Stoneware Sculptural Vessels

Stephen Procter Studios
76 Cotton Mill Hill
Brattleboro, VT 05301

802 490-4983

I draw inspiration from Mediterranean and Asian pottery traditions as well as ancient clay figurative sculpture. The silhouettes and materials of my pieces evoke millennia of utilitarian vessel-making, while the monumental scale and voluptuous curves suggest organic and human form. I seek to unite a contemporary sensibility with the spirit and vigor of archaic sources.

See the work in these galleries:
Davallia • Chester, VT
Gallery at Simon Pearce • Quechee, VT

• Studio open to the public
• Wholesale orders accepted
• Credit cards accepted