Marthe Roberts-Shea Jewelry
Tourmaline Brooch/Necklace
18K gold bezel-set pink Brazilian tourmaline, flush-set white diamond; hand-chiseled.
May be worn as a brooch or necklace.
An attached adapter with a stabilizer
allows the brooch to attach, and sit,
at the perfect angle.
1″ X 1″, 18″ chain, $3800

Agate Pendant
Agate Tongue cabochon, 18K gold bezel and flush-set white diamond,
sterling silver with 18K gold stations.
1.5″ x .75″, 18″ chain, $2800

Tube-set stones dangle from 18K gold connecting rods; top stones are set into sterling silver. Stones from top: aquamarine, chrome tourmaline, morganite. 2.5″.x .25″, $2100

Marthe Roberts-Shea

Contemporary Gold and Silver Jewelry

MAR/S Jewelry
7734 Union Ave
Elkins Park, PA 19027

215 715-8535

Articulated and hinged elements have contributed to my jewelry being described as ‘industrial chic’. Rich patinas add depth to the textured metals that I use: Fine Silver, Sterling, 14K and 18K Gold. Scribing the surface also enhances the texture and gives each piece its singular look, while exotic gemstones add additional color and drama.

Some of my jewelry is big, bold and screams for attention, while other pieces quietly ask for a closer look to discover their details and true beauty. There is also a practical side to my designs. Jewelry should be comfortable to wear.

Whatever your preference, I’m sure a piece will strike your fancy!

Paradise City Northampton, May, 2020 Booth: 423
Paradise City Northampton, October, 2019 Booth: 428

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