Linda Senechal Wearable Fiber
Handwoven Shibori Shawl
Handpainted silk
19″ x 85″, $450

Handwoven Shibori Scarf
Handpainted fine silk
8.5″ x 69″, $210

Handwoven Shibori Scarf
Handpainted silk
8″ x 71″, $180

Linda Senechal

Woven Shibori Scarves & Shawls

Studio Tessere
2 Ashmont Park
Dorchester, MA 02124

617 312-0771

Studio Tessere (Italian for weaving studio) is a one-woman operation, with the exception of a few furry assistants, based in Boston, Massachusetts.

I produce hand painted or hand dyed, hand woven wearable fiber art using silk, bamboo, tencel, cotton, and linen. Currently, my work is focused on Woven Shibori, a technique where the pattern threads are inserted as I weave the fabric. Then those threads are pulled and tied off to provide a resist before being hand painted or immersion dyed. After dyeing, the pattern threads are removed and the pattern is exposed creating a unique piece.

I love working with color and coming up with unexpected color combinations. The color choices and dying method can make the same pattern look very different, adding to the uniqueness of each scarf or shawl and making it one of a kind.

Paradise City Marlborough, March, 2020 Booth: 345
Paradise City Northampton, May, 2020 Booth: 219
Paradise City Marlborough, November, 2019 Booth: 332

See the work in these galleries:
Celebration of American Crafts • New Haven, CT
Brookfield Craft Center • Brookfield, CT
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum • Lincoln, MA

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