Special Exhibit

Each season our Special Exhibit spotlights a selection of our exhibiting artists + makers. Find these works in our Guide or in person, along with many more exceptional pieces, in Building 2 of the Paradise City Northampton show over Memorial Day weekend.

The Art in Gathering

In today’s fast-paced, digitally driven world, fostering community has never been more appealing. Whether you’re planning a casual hangout, an intimate dinner party, or a wedding celebration, incorporating handmade elements into your event enhances the space, creating an atmosphere that is both unique and communal. A home is a canvas where art and design intertwine, sparking conversations with your guests and fostering bonds.

For artists, the concept of gathering extends beyond community to include a wide palette of materials and found items. From beachcombed treasures to weathered artifacts, the mundane is transformed into the magnificent before being reimagined as mixed media sculptures, paintings, jewelry and more. Each finished piece exists as the greater sum of its individual parts.

“The Art in Gathering” transcends mere physical objects; it encapsulates the very essence of creativity and connection. Whether in the context of social gatherings or artistic endeavors, the art of gathering enriches lives, weaving a tapestry of stories and experiences that bind us together in a vibrant mosaic of shared humanity.

Photography by Karen Barnicle Garro. Featured Artists: Frann Addison, Abbie Chambers, Bill & Michelle Champitto, Aisling Colleary, Allison Corbett, Matthew Cowles, Maura Cronin, Tiffany DeAngelo, Jacky & Anne Dupont, Amy Fagin, Jenna & Andy Fennell, Sheila Fernekes, Joel Hotchkiss,Vanessa Kerby, Mackenzie Law, Sharon London, Colleen McCall, Gregory Rogers, Ken Salem, Jonathan Simons, Geoffrey Warner, Nina Zotcavage. Find them in the Exhibitor List.